What size air compressor do someone need to paint his car?

As the colour of your car starts to get dull it is time to give it a new look or the same if you want it. Many people paint their cars just after they buy them , some order the car having their dream finish while some wait to give their car a brand new look when their car’s colour begin to fade.

It is not an easy task to colour a car. There are many meaures you should take before going to paint your car. Painting your car using an air compressor will make your work a bit smooth and will save your time. What an air compressor do is that it takes in air and then pressurizes it so that it can be used to power tools such as nail painters and spray painters. There are many air compressors available in the market. It will be very confusing to choose the best air compressor for home garage to buy in 2020. There are many air compressors which can not be used to paint your car therefore, keep these things in your mind before buying a best air compressor for your car.

How big is its tank?

There are many options available in the market but most commercially available air compressors have four major selling points. Size of the tank matters a lot and the first thing you should consider before buying an air compressor for auto painting is how big it’s tank is. If the size of the tank is small then you will get an uneven spray of paints which will ruin your car as there will be uneven layer of paints on your car. It is recommended that you should go for the air compressor of volume atleast 50 gallons. If your wallet is thick then you can also buy the bigger one as it will be better. Air compressors having volume about 60 gallon can be a best air compressor for your car. It can handle painting most vehicles evenly in just a single pass.

What’s its CFM ratings?

After the tank another major thing you should consider is its CFM value. CFM or cubic feet per minute rating will tell you about it’s efficiency. More the CFM rating, more will be it’s effectiveness. Higher the CFM rating of a compressor, the more air it can pump out at a given psi (pounds per square inch) reading. Painting with an air compressor having low CFM value can have serious consequences like asymmetrical finishes which will ruin your car’s looks.

If someone wants to paint his car in a single run or if someone wants to paint for a long period of time then using an air compressor is a must.

Does it deliver enough air pressure?

Pressure rating is also important which tells you about pressure conditions, which is measured in psi. This is also one of the must consider thing before buying any air compressor to paint your car. This does not mean that having high value of psi will be good . According to some experts one should keep the psi on 10 to 15 to get an even coating of base paint on your car. For the clear coat increase the psi value by 10 to 15 units to make it between 20 to 25 psi.

How much horse power does it have?

At last come the HP that is, horse power. It simply means that how much work can an air compressor can do. Having higher HP does not imply that it will be best air compressor. It is advisable to buy one having high HP value so that it can also be used to power other tools. If an air compressor that clocks in at around 10 HP can deliver the same amount of pressure as one that has a horse power reading, then it is the lower HP compressor that is more efficient.

How does it run?

It is important for only some users, technology used to run the air compressor is also important to keep in mind before buying an air compressor to paint your car. There are two options available in the market one is reciprocating air compressor and the second one is powered by a rotary screw.

The first one uses pistons in the same vein as the engines of the vehicles it helps paints. It may be bit noisier as compared to it’s rotary counterpart. But, it is much cheaper than it’s rotary counterpart. It also came in different range and it uses much power to operate.

While rotary screw air compressor is very silent and uses very less energy but, they come with more complex machinery that is harder to tinker with as well as heftier price tag.Those are the things to consider before buying an air compressor. Hope this will help.