Dual Purpose Samsung refrigerator atwin multi-purpose appliance

A fridge is a very important appliance in everybody’s household. It is required for approx every human being to maintain their lifestyle as well as to maintain their food items stored in the fridge. The world is becoming modern and it is very important that the product which we are using should be modernized as well. So Samsung has come up with a brilliantly designed Refrigerator which is named as G-Series with SpaceMax Technology.

It is a huge spacious refrigerator which has a total space of around 615 L. due to more space you can adjust more amount of food in it on one time only. So you don’t need to rush every day to the grocery get a full stock of food items in your fridge. This is all because of a huge storage capacity it has. This is the basic advancement that has been inculcated in the refrigerator but it surely doesn’t end here.

Exquisite features of Samsung freeze fridge:

• You can buy bulk food in a single day: you’ll stress little for the burden of shopping and stressing less will let you make some more time for yourself. You don’t need to rush to the grocery shop daily to maintain the stock you have in your refrigerator.

• A huge amount of space inside and same at outside: it is designed in such a manner that it let you store some stuff inside as well as in outside compartments also. If you have a very foody family who loves to have different cuisine then you definitely need this type of fridge.

• Fresh-keeping technology: it is a very important parameter for any fridge because the main feature of nay fridge should be keeping fresh and long lasting the food items it has. It generally retains a high humidity level of about 75% which is pretty good to keep all the stuff safe and working. It is a very good humidity percentage to keep the food and food items preserve well in the fridge.

• Tall water and ice dispenser: many fridges have a small and little dispenser which can accommodate a small glass only. But in a tall dispenser, you can fill up even a tall bottle or a tall glass also. It has separate buttons which can get you chilled water or ice cubes in a single touch. It also has a healthy water system which purifies the water well which perfectly suits your immune system. So, that old thing to fill up all the bottle in the home is all past thing now.

• Fresh room: there is a compartment called a fresh room which maintains the temperature 0° C which turns out to be the best temperature for storing raw meat and fish. This helps in keeping the food items fresh for a longer duration of time.

• The can carry: we all have soft drink cans or beer cans in our fridges but it sometimes rolls down, but in this it again past stuff. You can get a tilted can holder that can help you manage all your soft drink cans perfectly.

• Dairy Guard: it has a dairy guard compartment just situated above the internal side of the door. It helps in protecting. This compartment has a lid which helps in protecting the small items rolling from the top shelves.

• Multi-flow: the cooling air flows reach from one shelf to another perfectly. This not only helps in colling the fridge equally but also it helps in quick cooling also. By keeping a steady temperature in the fridge, you keep chilled and better-preserved food.

• Clear view indoor maker: it is located straightly in the freezer door, which is super easy to pick it up and use. It has a total capacity of 25 L which is pretty good space for storing the ice cubes.

• LED lighting: it basically gives the refrigerator a whole new look to the interior of the fridge which emits less heat and energy also.

• Foldable shelf: it is a three shelf folding shelf that let you adjust every bulky material like wine water or heavy bottle easily.

So these were some brilliant feature of this brilliantly designed fridge that let you make your household experience special and fun.